Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If I hear one more techno song I'm going to stab myself in the eye.

Picture this:

It's Saturday night, and you're getting all dolled up to hit the town with your friends. You've got on your requisite freakum dress, sky high heels, false eyelashes and teeny tiny handbag (that can barely hold your cellphone). Or if you're a man...you've put on some cologne.

Your feet hate you.

You get to the club/bar you've been told is THE place to be, only to spend 20 minutes standing on line in the freezing cold. Once you finally make it in, you find that a) the music is LAME, b) nobody's dancing and c) you can't hear anything, which makes talking to your friends a no-go.

Sound familiar?

You see, I have this theory.  Even though we all *think* we like going out and partying in strange places with strange people, the reality is that most of us would prefer to party with the people we know, in settings we dictate

Which brings me to IDEA NUMBER ONE:

A bar made up entirely of customizable party rooms. Here's how it would work:

  1. People would pay by the hour to rent a room, similar to a karaoke bar with private rooms.
  2. Once in the room, customers can party the way they decide. They'd have access to things like beer pong, karaoke, board games, playing cards, a TV to watch the game (or if you're me, Real Housewives).
     3. They'd also have access to a sound system so they can play their own music, or pump in the HOT JAMS from my own personal playlist (no techno. ever.)
     4. Like a karaoke bar, customers would be able to order drinks and food while they party. They'd     also have the option to purchase an open bar package, making their night as boozingly awesome as can possibly be.
    There are lots of reasons why I think this is an awesome idea (and not just the fact that owning my own bar would give me unlimited access to all of the Pinot Grigio my little heart desires). But I'm not writing all of this to hear (see?) myself speak. I wanna know what YOU think. So if you think it's a good idea, a horrible idea, or something in between, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

    Til next time,

    P.S. For all of you reading this and thinking "of COURSE kj's first idea would involve alcohol"...you know me too well.


    1. How large would the rooms be? The same size as a karoke bar or larger? What about the person who goes out to meet new people?

    2. @Ms. Jones -- Great questions. I was thinking there'd be 6-8 rooms of varying sizes to accommodate different party sizes. All of them would probably need to be bigger than the average karaoke room. As for meeting new people, there could be a general lounge area involved. But I don't think this would be the place people would go to "meet people" - the niche I'd like to fill would be for people who want to go out and party, but mainly with their own friends.